Natasha Althouse and her group of tremendously talented musicians have put together a wonder album and are generously donating the proceeds to benefit the Donna Crandall Foundation.
To read more about the wonderful story surrounding the making of this album and the incredible group of individuals involved, please visit their site at:

Chants for A Cure

Our thanks go out to Natasha, Dan Milrood, Summer Corrie, Denise Younger, Raymond Younger, Barbara Fornal, Dean Seabrook, Phil Althouse and Crimora Millrood, Jeff Tisman, Kellie Olonko, Venus9Design, Greg Spies, Joshua Druckman, Sean Boyd
And especially to Aurora, the inspiration behind the album
Downloads of the album are $10 and can be purchased below.  Please note that after paying, you’ll be automatically redirected to the download.

If you have any trouble with the download, please contact Jeff Snow directly at admin@wp-crandall-old.test

Posted on:  May 20, 2015