“Life is Not About Waiting for the Storm to Pass, but Rather Learning How to Dance in the Rain”Each summer the Donna Crandall Foundation organizes a summer surprise for all CF Clinic visitors. This year they got help from Alexa Van Galen (adult patient Kristine Lindskoog’s daughter) and her friends Frankie Salamida and Meghan O’Hara. Working off the dancing in the rain theme, the girls organized packing coolers with a new DMC beach ball, umbrella, snacks and an iTunes card to provide the music to dance to.
During the past year, the Foundation renovated and rededicated the E5 Lounge as the Donna Crandall Foundation Living Room in tribute to both Donna and David Carroll an adult patient who dubbed the space the “Living Room” in 2004, when spending many hours there with his wife Melissa and son Ryan.
The Foundation has added that saying to the lounge wall during the renovation and it has become the theme of all Foundation activities for 2014.
It is the Foundations hope that patients will enjoy their new coolers while reminded that they have many people cheering them on as they consider dancing in the rain this summer.

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Posted on:  August 7, 2014