2014_Sarah_Brownell_NecklacesThe Donna Crandall Foundation has been the lucky recipient of Sarah Brownell’s beading hobby, having received hundreds of green and white necklaces and carefully crafted green and white yarn bracelets by the 27-year-old Clifton Park resident. We learned that Sarah loved creating rainbow colored jewelry when we asked if she would make a few for our hospital gift bags.When we opened the  first box  she sent we were so touched that she had designed her jewelry to match our foundation colors.  We can only imagine the time and effort it took for her to painstakingly separate the green and white beads from all the colors.  It was truly an act of love.” The jewelry is included in gift bags and distributed at community fundraisers benefiting the Foundation.   When asked what inspires her beading hobby, Sarah said, “I feel that everyone has a purpose in life, and that is to make other people happy. It makes me happy to do this for other people.” Sarah’s goal is to cheer up patients, since she herself is familiar with Albany Medical Center.  Having been diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was only three months old, she has had countless surgeries, procedures and treatments at the Children’s Hospital and empathizes with CF patients who spend a lot of time there. Sarah hopes her efforts will remind children and families going through challenging times that they are not alone.  

Posted on:  August 21, 2014