WHERE ARE THEY NOW: We followed up with people featured in past newsletters and Emerald Eve videos and thought you would like to know…

Featured in the 2010 Emerald Eve video, the Egelstons of Fonda welcomed their sixth family member, Easton Noel on July 8th. Meanwhile, Rhionah, 11, is a successful, award-winning and passionate equestrienne, who requires testing every few months for her CF-related cirrhosis of the liver. Cayden, 10, is a third-year All Star Team baseball player and talented artist. He has gained 15 pounds over the past couple of years thanks to his feeding tube, which does not slow him down. Four-year-old Onaleah is spunky and loves to make her big sister and brother laugh.

Parents Tonya and Reid have over the past decade raised $300,000 as organizers of the NENY’s CFF Fonda Great Strides walk.
Also featured in the 2010 Emerald Eve video, Carolyn Nichols of Guilderland is awaiting “The Call” for her new lungs. In the meantime, her three grandchildren (with another on the way in November!), incredible family and huge network of friends help keep her spirits up and her days busy. “Breath of Fresh Air” fundraisers were held in her honor at the Tailgate Tavern in Guilderland and Settles Hill Banquet House in Altamont. Raising over $20,000, the funds will help cover the extraordinary costs associated with transplant not covered by insurance, which can exceed $200,000+. The DMCF is privileged to participate in these special events. Pictured at the fundraiser are Bob Cheney, Marianne Patnode and Lisa Cheney.

Featured in the 2010 Emerald Eve video and 2010 Newsletter (“Up Close & Personal”), Albany’s Chris Young, 29, double-lung transplant recipient, and wife Chelsea (who cared for him as a nurse at Albany Medical Center) welcomed twin sons Avery and Aidan in March. Chris celebrated his six-year anniversary with his new lungs on April 24th.

Featured in the 2010 Newsletter, Edward Sayer’s family and friends have established “Coach-Ed Inc.” (www.coach-ed.org) as part of Ed’s legacy. The charity’s mission is to encourage and enable CFers to live beyond the limitations of the disease and pursue active lifestyles. They provide support through athletic sponsorships, scholarships, group events, adventure activities and fundraising efforts.
Featured in the 2011 Newsletter (“Up Close & Personal”), the DMCF was sad to learn that David Vondell of Malone passed away in November 2012, a few weeks after finally receiving his new lungs. His devoted wife Jeanne survives him.

Featured in the 2012 Newsletter (“Up Close & Personal”), Kayleigh and Scott Marcella, siblings from Clifton Park, were also featured in the 2012 Emerald Eve video, during which they talked about their experiences with Kalydeco, the new CF drug, and the role the DMCF has played in their lives. Watch the video here. This Fall, Kayleigh will be a junior at Siena College and Scott will be a sophomore at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Posted on:  August 30, 2013